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The best travel mask for your next vacation

by Nirvana Being on July 09, 2021

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that there are no borders to this world we share. For the first time since the pandemic started, we are seeing a sense of guarded normalcy, slowly but surely, as we return to our lives. With a jab(or 2) and a bag, we are ready to fly away to a much-deserved vacation, far away from the four walls(our bunker) that held us in for most of 2020. 

But for all the travel essentials you’ll need to throw in your bag when you get back out there, one thing’s for sure—Covid travel masks are still a must-have. It doesn’t matter how far apart you and your co-passengers are sitting, because as long as you have a symptomatic person in your shared space, you are at a huge risk- especially with the new highly transmissible variants. The combination of other people who may not be wearing their masks properly or consistently, some of whom may be positive for COVID-19, pose real transmission risks.

The best travel mask you can wear must have a high Viral and Particulate Filtration Efficiency, a good fit and high breathability. If you’ve got a long-haul flight, hours-long bus ride, or train to another state ahead of you, you definitely don’t want a Covid travel mask that will be uncomfortably sweaty while you’re in a tight space, or one that won’t protect you and others sitting near you. The best travel mask should keep you safe and secure, while being comfortable enough to wear for every leg of your journey, from check-in to baggage claim. It should also be breathable enough so you won’t feel like you’re suffocated  by the middle of your journey when you can’t take off your Covid travel mask.

Moreover, the best travel mask should offer a secure fit by sealing your face properly. The one-size-fits-all theory does not work well in connection to face masks. On one hand, loose Covid travel masks make it easier for viruses to reach your lungs and cause health issues. On the other, you can also infect others if you have contracted viral infections. So, choose a Covid mask based on the size guide so that it fits snugly and completely covers your nose and mouth. Further, ensure that you get a reusable and washable Covid travel mask, so you’re not creating additional waste wherever you go.

The Airific mask by Nirvana Being is the best travel mask you can get considering the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a three-layer Covid travel mask powered by a nanotechnology filter and offers >96% Viral and Particulate Filtration Efficiency to filter nano-particles down to 0.1 micron in size (including the COVID-19 particle which has a diameter of 0.12 microns) as tested by Nelson Labs, USA. On the subject of certifications, the Airific N95 mask is N95, FFP2 certified in India and CE certified as a Community Mask in the European Union as per CWA 17553:2020.

While the new mutations/variants may beat the defences of the vaccines, the virus nanoparticle size will not change, hence, a good N95 nanofiber mask is the best travel mask and your safest bet for a confident travel experience.


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