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The Safest Mask for Air Travel This Summer

by Nirvana Being on June 03, 2022

We’re almost into the summer season and most of us have travel plans.  While we are excited to get a break and enjoy some downtime with the family, let’s not forget that COVID does not take vacations.

 The Safest Mask for Air Travel This Summer

It’s imperative that we make safety a priority, as the last thing you need is a member who is unwell, while on vacation.

Almost all shared modes of travel, like air, trains, buses, involve risks, as you’re forced to share the air in confined spaces.


The safest mask option for travel this summer is the O2 Curve Mask, a respirator with a silicon seal that completely seals the face and prevents any leaks.  The O2 is a great combination of fashion and function, as it not only provides superior protection and breathability, but looks bloody good as well.

 The Safest Mask for Air Travel This Summer

The O2 includes electrospun nanofiber filters with high efficacy and breathability.  Since it has a silicon seal, it works really well for people with spectacles and beards as well.

Keep your family safe and stylish this summer – make the O2 your go to travel companion for those crowded indoor spaces.  Be safe!


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