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The Science Behind Self Defence Pepper Spray: How It Works

by Nirvana Being on May 03, 2023

Self-defence is an important thing to learn especially when you are a woman. Whether you are the one with job that demands working late night, or have the chores in remote locations mostly, you need to be thorough with the tricks of self-defence. One of the most important tools is self-defence pepper spray. It allows the user to stay guarded and helps to overcome the attacker by causing sufficient damage. 

Let’s understand the working of self-defence pepper spray by taking a look at its various features. 

Pepper Spray – A Handy Solution for Self-Defence

The UV dye pepper spray is designed to offer ease of use. It has a leakproof nozzle, to begin with. This feature allows release of spray in a controlled amount. Thus, the attacker can be taught a good lesson but without harming fatally. Other features that support the functioning are:


  • Twist lock: You will not want to run short of pepper spray supply at the most crucial moment. It can be ensured with the help of twist lock that secures the opening tightly. As a result, the use releases only a small portion of the spray at every instance of utilization. Thus, the twist lock is a smart feature that prevents undue leakage or discharge. As a result, the user can keep it safely in the purse or handbag without worrying about soiling other contents of the bag.


  • Stream spray pattern: The spray oozes the pepper content in a stream-like pattern. It helps startle the attacker and gives no time to resist or flee. The attacker becomes busy reeling under the impact. 


  • Quick action possible: User has to just use the thumb to activate the flow of spray. The twist lock pattern allows to take action in a lightning-fast manner. A simple press of thumb and rotating the lock to the right will release the spray and will help overpower the attack in no time.


  • Acts from a distance: You need not wait for the attacker to come dangerously close to you to effectively use the UV dye pepper spray. The spray is thrusted to a distance of 10 feet by a slight touch of the red-colored actuator. Hence, the defender or victim can control the attacker from a distance and get help in a timely manner. 

How It Affects the Attacker

The pepper spray is a handy solution to stay safe. Spray made of red pepper and UV dye causes coughing and respiratory distress. The skin also experiences burning sensation and vision is compromised as well. Thus, in a matter of a moment, the attacker can be controlled. Moreover, the UV dye leaves the evidence which can be used to establish the intention of attack.

To Conclude,

Pepper spray with UV dye is a simple but effective solution for staying safe on road. It works fast and effectively in overpowering the attacker. The product may yield 15 bursts of spray, but it is important to refill the bottle after every use. You can buy the product online easily; thus, don’t take chances with safety, think about buying it right away!


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