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Ultimate N95 Mask - Masks to Fight Viruses and Pollutants

by Nirvana Being on September 29, 2022

Masks are not something introduced to mankind just yesterday. We all have grown up seeing surgeons wearing masks while performing their duties. However, the need for using these facial covers among laymen has become more pronounced than ever; thanks to Covid! It is important for people to have the best face mask option to prepare their anti-pollution kit. Thankfully, there are N95 anti-pollution masks available that provide good face mask options to manage situations like Covid. These masks are effective, sturdy, reusable, and stylish, a few features that make these facial coverings a must-have.


N95 Masks Offer Complete Protection

You need the best N95 mask for Covid and other similar challenges. Even if not for Covid, the face mask is important for fighting dust, polluted air, and particulate matter suspended in the air. The N95 anti-pollution mask provides complete protection in various ways. Let’s find out how N95 masks are the ultimate weapon for fighting viruses and pollutants.


  • It is designed while using Nanotechnology. This technology is designed to impart facial masks with 95% filtration efficiency. Such efficiency level is attributed to the use of triple-layer fabric and super fine mesh fabric put together in three payers. 


  • Three-layer composition: Another reason for complete protection is the three-layer composition. The fabric used for making the best N95 mask for Covid is added in three layers. It helps in two ways. The user finds it effective in getting protection against Covid; also, it offers better quality air.


  • Breathability and comfort: N95 Covid face masks are supposed to be worn most times especially when you are outdoors or traveling. Hence, in such conditions, you can’t compromise on comfort. Breathability is the biggest comfort provider in a mask, and the N95 mask provides this amply. The best N95 mask for Covid, like the ones available at Nirvana Being are tested for comfort at Nelson Labs where these are found to have the least resistance to inhalation and exhalation.


  • Apart from breathability, comfort to the skin is important too. Since the mask is made with natural materials, skin-friendliness becomes easier to achieve. Another comfort quotient comes from adjustable ear loops. The users can adjust the loops at their convenience. And, that makes these face masks a suitable add-on to attire.


  • Helps adopt masks responsibly: The use of Covid face masks increased exponentially. Disposing of these must have created a huge load on waste fills. Hence, it is important to have options that are reusable. Nirvana Being masks are washable and completely reusable. Thus, you will make an eco-friendly choice and will support your pocket as well.


  • Different designs: Wearing masks need not be boring. N95 masks for protection from Covid are available in different styles. Thus, you don’t have to compromise on looks with designer masks available in N95 quality.


To conclude, 

Fighting Covid-like infections needs you to tighten up your preparations. As a responsible user, employ the masks with the N95 labels and give yourself a complete package of protection, comfort, style, and eco-friendly choice.



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