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Wearing a N95 FFP2 Masks reduces risk by 100 times

by Nirvana Being on December 21, 2021

Scientists at University of Gottingen and Cornell performed a study to understand the effectiveness of face masks and social distancing. Their findings might actually change the way you think about both masking and social distancing. While exposed to a typical Covid viral load, even a distance of nearly 10 feet between the speakers led to an upper bound of 90% for risk of infection just after a few minutes of conversation.

By contrast, for someone wearing an N95 FFP2 Mask and conversing with someone infected with Covid-19 at a distance of just 5 feet, the upper bound dropped significantly, where for a surgical mask the upper bound touched 90% risk after 30 minutes and for an N95 FFP2 mask, it still remained at about 20% after over an hour. “When both wear a surgical mask, while the infected is speaking, the verry conservative upper bound remains below 30% after an hour, but when both wear a well-fitting FFP2 mask, it is 0.4%” observed the scientists.

Although any mask is better than no mask, but masks with a better fit and filtration efficacy are far superior in protecting against virus and other contagious infections. The fitting of a mask has an effect on the Total Inward Leakage (TIL) which is highest in surgical masks that cannot be adjusted to give a snug fit, whereas adjusting the nose-strips of N95 Masks improved the leakage in a more efficient way.

Notably, Dr. Alex Huffman stated that “FFP2 N95 Masks reduces risk compared to a surgical mask by almost 100 times”. The team concluded that wearing an appropriate well-fitted N95 FFP2 mask when stepping outdoors is an excellent protection not just for yourself but for others as well because Safety First Always!

This is all the more relevant now as we expect schools and offices, considered high risk shared indoor spaces to open in January, 2022.

Nirvana Being, India’s leading clean air solutions company, offers an array of certified N95 FFP2 Masks, tested by Nelson Labs USA, with a nanotechnology filter in the middle layer that has a viral filtration efficacy >96% and a particulate filtration efficacy >99%. These N95 Nanofibre filter masks come with adjustable ear-loops and nose strips to give a snug fit, are washable and reusable for up to 500 hours/ 10 washes and come in stylish designs for adults and really fun designs for kids with Marvel, Disney, Barbie, Pixar and Spiderman as their official mask merchandise partners.

To conclude, we can say that masks are here to stay for a long time, more so now with the increasing cases of Covid-19 around the world. We should opt for a sustainable, organic, superior quality N95 FFP2 mask for ourselves and for our loved ones because No One is Safe Until Everyone is Safe!


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