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What to Choose? N99 vs. N95

by Nirvana Being on June 15, 2021

During this ongoing pandemic we have adopted various practices like washing hand frequently, not venturing out unnecessarily, using sanitizers, social distancing and also masks. It is undeniable that masks have been widely in use, even at workplaces. People who deal with excess dust and chemicals at the workplace are required to wear N99 face masks with N99 filters to avoid inhaling poisonous gases. Now we also have pollution to such an extent that some of the major cities in many countries report unhealthy air quality. Due to pollution we have seen rise in mask wearing behavior among people to protect oneself from pollution was never mandatory before the Covid-19 pandemic. 

While the pandemic made us aware of quite a few things, there are also certain things that sparked heated debate like that of the comparisons of n99 mask vs n95 or is n99 better than n95? While the role of mask in preventing the spread of Covid-19 is undeniable, the type of mask to be used was a huge matter of discussion. With this pandemic, we started to get acquainted with types of masks like n95 pollution mask, N99 face masks, and surgical masks.

The discussion surrounding n99 vs n95 or n95 vs n99 is yet to find a clear answer. While both N99 filters and N95 are very effective, it is very normal to get confused about the efficiency of these two things. Hence, emerges the n95 vs n99 or n99 vs n95 debate. To decide which one to choose it is necessary to learn about the difference between n95 and n99 mask. Don’t worry, if you are not sure which side to pick in the n99 vs n95 or n95 vs n99 mask battle. We have sorted it out for you. 

So, What is the Difference Between N95 and N99 Mask?

N95 vs N99 Mask

Before jumping into conclusions for N95 vs N99 mask, we should understand the basic difference between the two.

N95 Face Masks

In the debate of n99 mask vs n95 or n99 vs n95 mask, choosing the better is not that easy. So, to begin with, let us look at the perks of using N95 masks. The n95 anti pollution mask gets its name from its capability to protect the wearer from 95% of the harmful materials in air. It captures the small particles to prevent these from getting into the lungs. The rating of efficiency is given by NIOSH or National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety.

The masks filter out 95% of non-oil particles larger than .3 microns. These masks are capable of protecting the wearer from allergens, viruses, bacteria, pollution and dust though these do not provide protection against gases and oil-based substances. There are layers of tangled jumbled fibers. Air can pass through the mask while the particles get caught by the layers of tangles fibers. To have a clear answer for the question what is the difference between n95 and n99 mask, let’s further read on the latter.  

N99 Face Masks

What is the difference between n95 and n99 mask? The basic difference between n95 and n99 mask is that these masks filters 99% of the non-oil substances, hence the name N99 face mask. These masks are comparatively more expensive than N95 as it offers better protection because of N99 filters. To ensure better protection, manufacturers create a different kind of seal and use dense material. The use of these materials makes the masks more expensive. The seal of these masks reduce air flow making your lungs work harder. As the wearer has to use more energy, tiredness after wearing these masks is common. We are still in the race of n99 mask vs n95 or n99 vs n95 mask, so, keep reading. 

Another point in the n99 vs n95 or n95 vs n99 debate is that the N95 masks are cheaper and help you breathe easily while N99 can actually create hindrance to your productivity. You will be able to smell gases even after wearing any of these masks. Another major difference while considering N95 vs N99 mask is that while N95 lasts longer, N99 face mask falls apart only after two weeks of regular use. Both the masks are designed to help people breathe better air.

To know what is the difference between n95 and n99 mask will help you make your choice. But, the n99 vs n95 debate will continue as studies will keep bringing various insights. That said, the victory in the race n99 mask vs n95 or n99 vs n95 mask seems to be n95.  However, you choose the one you are more comfortable in. Are you searching for the best N99 mask in Australia or India? Order online today.


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