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Why BPA Free Filter Water Bottle is Good for Travelers

by Nirvana Being on June 06, 2023

Having personal supply of water while on the move is always a welcome idea. The travelers may not be confident of the supply of water available in municipal taps. Also, in case of long travels, the users may not have access to filtered water everywhere. Thanks to filter water bottle, the supply of drinking water is not an issue anymore. The travelers enjoy the following benefits when they take along the water bottle that has filter attached to it.


  • Safe to use: Industrial Designer Rashid Karim designs BPA free water bottle with filter attached to it. The filter conforming to International Standard 42 ensures the reduction of smell and chlorine. Thus, the water bottle is safe to use and carries palatable drinking water always. The users always have access to safe and odor-free drinking water due to the design and features included in the portable water carrier.
  • Included Bobble filter: The BPA free water bottle contains a Bobble filter. This filter is effective in filtering all contaminants off the water. The water bottle with filter offers filtered water while on the move. It keeps filtering the water as you drink, so the supply of usable water never falls short.
  • Replaces 300 plastic water bottles: Single-use plastic bottles are a menace to environment. The water bottle with filter can save 300 plastic water bottles from going to the landfill. Since it is made of a replaceable filter and the material is recyclable too, the users can adopt environment-friendly ways of having portable water carriers. The replaceable filter requires changing every 4 months or completing the filtering of 40 gallons or 150 liters of water. The users can easily refill the bottle and use it hassle-free.
  • Available in 650 ml: Filter water bottle is available in 650ml capacity. It is quite an adequate amount for a person. So, when you are required to go to the gym or play a sport, you can carry the BPA-free water bottle with a filter. It helps you stay hydrated by offering you an ample supply of water.
  • Effective for filtering municipal tap water: The bottle is tested for efficiency in filtering municipal tap water. It is considered safe for filtering any water whose source is known. NSF 42 grade filter keeps the water free of phthalates and PVC. The active charcoal filter attracts the contaminants of opposite ions and leaves the users with fresh and filtered water. 
  • Available in different colors: You can find water bottles with filters in different colors. Thus, these look aesthetically good too. The molded-in grip feature allows the users to hold the bottle without letting it slip. Further, the recyclable material used for making the bottle is sturdy and tamper-proof. 

To conclude -

Having a supply of drinkable water becomes easy with water bottles called Bobble bottle that come with active carbon filters. These bottles keep the water filtered, chemical, and odor-free. The users can refill the water multiple times and need not throw it away after a single use as is the case with plastic bottles. Thus, you not only keep yourself hydrated but also protect the environment when you carry a water bottle with a filter while traveling.


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