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5 Reasons you need a bobble this summer

by Prashant Paul on June 28, 2017
Monsoon is here and so are the bacteria! Though tap water has been thoroughly tested before it reaches your home, there are still germs and chemicals which can’t be filtered in the process. Home water filters are good and even effective in most of the cases, if regularly maintained. Most of the people rely on packaged drinking water when they go outside, but is it good enough to drink? Studies have proved that this bottled water isn’t cleaner or good for health. Let’s not forget the fact that these bottles are expensive too, over and above the fact that single serve plastic is an emvironmental disaster. Introducing Water Bobble, an ingenious bottle which filters your water as you drink. It’s an USA approved bottle which is free of BPA and PVC, making it perfect for almost everyone. So, why should you get a Bobble - here are our top five reasons:
  1. It’s safe for your kids
Every parent does their research to buy best products for the development of their toddlers, but is it enough? Most water bottles we buy are made of PVC and contain BPA chemical which has harmful effects on a child’s health. Bobble, on the other hand, is an USA FDA approved bottle which doesn’t have any PVC or BPA. Replace your ordinary water bottles with a Bobble to keep your little ones safe and healthy.
  1. It’s more than just a filter
It could be possible that your normal tap water contains rust, dust and other organic chemicals apart from chlorine. These impurities not only make your water unhealthy but also alter its taste and odor. The powerful activated carbon filter present in Bobble is proven to eliminate any bad taste and odor from the water.
  1. Pocket friendly
Would you mind if you get 300 bottles of filtered water in just Rs 949? We wouldn’t. Yes, you heard it right; Bobble gives you 150 liters of water in less than 1000 rupees. And after this, just replace the filter to use your bottle over and over again. The replacement filter costs 450 rupees and gives you another 150 liters. Now that’s a great deal, right?
  1. It’s a perfect match for every mood
Match your everyday mood with our unique colors of bobble. Bobble comes in 6 different colors; choose the right color for you. And the best part about it is that you don’t have to change your bottle, just change the filter each time you get bored with one color. Simple, isn’t it?
  1. Do your bit to save our environment
Always wanted to do something special, something different for our environment? Now is the chance for you! Change your habit from using single serve bottled plastic water to using a Bobble for your drinking water needs – a sustainable and safe solution. Bobble is made from 100% recycled plastic, which means when you buy a bobble you are actually doing something good for the Mother Nature. Moreover, don’t worry your bobble is recyclable too. It’s a win-win from all angles.

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