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A Complete Guide to Wearing Masks the Right Way

by Prashant Paul on December 10, 2020
While the Coronavirus cases continue to rise in many parts of India, the need for using the right mask is profoundly felt amongst the masses. A growing number of studies reveal that face masks have proved to be a useful tool for controlling the spread of Coronavirus. However, not everyone is aware about – The right method ofhow to use face mask correctly, and why having more than one mask with you is important. You might have seen people wearing masks on their face that is tied behind their ears but the mask hangs on their chins, exposing both their nose and mouth to the air around. Similarly, many others only keep their mouth covered with the mask while keeping the nostrils out, which defeats the purpose of wearing a mask in the first place. If you do the same, you must know that you are not protected unless you follow correctly wear your masks. To help you wear your masks properly, we have made a guide that tells you how to use face masks the right way. Steps to be Followed When Wearing a Mask: 1. Wash Your Hands Before Grabbing a Mask Before you pick up a mask to cover your mouth and nose, make sure your hands are clean. Wash your hands properly by rubbing the soap on the front and back of your hands, in between fingers, and under nails as well. Then rinse your hands, wipe it with a clean, lint free towel, or tissue and then touch your mask. 2. Pick the Mask for Face by The Ear Loops The next step in knowing how to use face mask properly is to hold it right while putting it on the face. Always, pick the mask by the ear loops, avoid touching its front or back side. 3. Adjust the Mask for the Right Fit Another essential aspect related to how to use a face mask is to buy the one that fits snugly on your face. It should not have any open flap, neither should it be so tight that breathability becomes a concern. Keep in mind that wearing a loose-fit mask as a face cover makes you vulnerable to the risk of contracting COVID-19 disease. These steps remain the same, irrespective of mask type you buy for regular wear. If you have questions regarding how to use N95 mask properly, consult a healthcare professional near you. Steps to Properly Take Off and Dispose the Mask Taking the mask off your face is a crucial step that you need to know, apart from how to wear a face mask correctly. Even though it feels more comfortable just to hold the mask from the front and slide it down, you are advised not to do this. Instead, always remove your mask by the ear loops only. Additionally, avoid touching the cloth part of the mask. For mask disposal, you should keep the mask in a clean, resealable bag and then throw it away. It will ensure that others don’t come in contact with the used mask, and, thus prevent them from contracting the virus. As a thumb rule, always clean your hands after removing or disposing of the mask. This way, you can lessen the risk of virus contamination on your hands.

Other Things You Should Know About Coronavirus Protection

- Those who have breathing problems, and children below the age of two, should not wear masks. - CDC recommends individuals to wear a mask in public places, especially when you are around those who do not live near your place. - Select a good quality mask that does not make it difficult for you to breathe. - Avoid using masks with exhalation valves or vents, as recommended by the CDC. - Do not put your mask on forehead or around your neck. - Knowing how to use face mask does not give you the right to avoid everyday health habits and social distancing norms. Wear Airific 2.0 Mask to Protect Yourself and Others In the absence of Coronavirus vaccine, the preventive measure of wearing a mask acts as a shield to keep you safe. Keeping that in mind, we, at Nirvana Being, offer advanced Airific 2.0 masks made of nanofibres that offer enhanced filtration functions for Coronavirus protection. It is an antiviral, 3-layer mask designed to catch microscopic particles and can be worn for hours under all weather conditions. Wear the right mask to do your bit and make this world a safer place to live in

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