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Mask: Necessity and Measures

by Prashant Paul on March 03, 2021

Mask is not a new commodity in the market. But the pandemic has turned it into a mandatory commodity for us. Wearing a mask is a precaution against the Novel Coronavirus as well as against pollution. With the virus still with us, a high-quality mask has become a necessity in our life. Mask and Covid-19 People without any symptoms may also be affected by the virus. The virus gets released into the air when they speak and remain airborne for a few hours. People who inhale the air get infected with the virus. That is why people without any symptoms who are seemingly healthy should also wear a mask to keep others safe. Healthy people must wear a mask to avoid infection.

The use of masks plays a significant role in keeping the pandemic in check across the world. With the raging pandemic around us, we can get masks online and keep everyone safe around us. Mask and pollution When there was no pandemic, people chose to wear a mask apart from the professionals who need to wear it at their workplaces. This was basically to keep one safe from pollution. The industries and motor vehicles, and natural causes like a volcanic eruption, cause the air to get polluted. Inhaling air pollutants results in serious ailments, including cardiopulmonary conditions and asthma. Research has shown that people who are exposed to polluted air have less immunity to fight COVID-19. Hence, it is essential to stay clear of the polluted air containing pollutants and viruses and bacteria. One should choose to get high quality and tested masks online and wearing them in the right manner to stay safe from air pollution.

What to look for in a mask?

Just wearing any mask is not a solution to this problem. The readily available cheap masks can give no protection against pollution or Covid-19. Some top-grade quality masks such as O2 masks come with one layer but can easily filter larger particles and small particulate matter from the air.

Health Risks of Wearing the Wrong Mask

It is advisable to wear the right mask made of the right material and in the right design that helps you in your day-to-day activities, including tedious work such as exercises and jogging. With the right mask, one can keep fatigue, dizziness, flushing and headaches at bay, otherwise reported by people wearing a mask for an extended period. It is necessary to wear an O2 mask that is professionally made, fits well and provides proper protection.

Our O2 masks come with an advanced filter tested and approved to block viruses and bacteria. They are also capable of keeping pollutants such as pollen and other allergens as small as 0.1 microns in size out of your breathing space in the mask. Our O2 masks provide the lowest breathing resistance, hence, helping you go about your routine work without facing breathing or other health issues that might arise from wearing ill-fitting and cheap masks. Therefore, purchase O2 masks that come with highly breathable filter membrane that have 99.99% virus / bacteria filtration efficiency.


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