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What You Should Look for In An Air Quality Monitoring Device

by Prashant Paul on February 01, 2021
As the air quality has worsened over the years, there’s an increasing need to find ways to deal with it. According to studies made in the recent years, indoor air pollution is as much of a concern as outdoor air pollution. In fact, people are exposed to indoor air for a longer time relatively hence, the risks may even be greater. So what can you do to fight against it? You can use an air quality monitoring device to determine the quality of air inside your house. But, to do that, you should understand what good air quality means here. In general, these are the main things that indicate good air quality:
  1. There is proper ventilation in the house to ensure adequate distribution of air, inside and outside.
  2. Identifying the contaminants in the indoor air and controlling them.
  3. The temperature and the humidity of the indoor air remain at comfortable levels.
Now, let’s understand what an air quality monitoring device is and how it works to help in achieving that: What is An Air Quality Monitor? A standard air quality monitoring device for home measures the particulate matter to determine the level of contaminants. It has different meters to assess the air quality on various parameters. For instance, the concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other hazardous gases. The air pollution monitoring device has a sensor that detects the presence of a particular pollutant and its levels inside the house. Based on this, the device provides a reading of the air quality. Today, there are various types of air quality monitoring device for home available in the market. Technological innovation has made it more hassle-free and accessible for people. If you are looking for a suitable air quality monitoring device for home, remember to check off these points before purchasing it:
  • Accuracy
The sensor of the air quality monitoring device is responsible for detecting the pollutant levels. Hence, it is most important to find a product that has a reliable sensor. If you end up buying the device on just the basis of cost, you may end up disappointed with it. A good quality air pollution monitoring device will have a sensor that relies on:
  • Precision – The device should be able to deliver consistent outputs.
  • Resolution – In case there are minute changes in the measured parameter, the device should have appropriate sensitivity to it.
  • Calibration – It should allow adjustments to be accurate if the environment is changed.
    • Convenience of Use
An air quality monitoring device may sound complicated when you hear about it for the first time. But, there are some devices that use superior technology to make it convenient for the user. When you are looking for one, make sure to consider the accessibility and ease of use. Air quality inside your home will affect you and your loved ones. Hence, it should be uncomplicated to use the air quality monitoring device and examine the air quickly. The display and design of the product play a crucial role in creating a simplified user experience.
  • Portability
The portability of the air quality monitoring device entails the ease of carrying it around. This is important to consider for two reasons:
  • You do not stay in one spot of the house all the time. If you intend on using the device in multiple rooms of the house, portability is an important factor. In this case, you should look for an air quality monitoring device that is lightweight and compact-sized.
  • You can determine the suitable shape and size of the air quality monitoring device depending on the size of your house.
Another thing to check for is the battery life of the device. If you require an air quality monitoring device for home that runs for a prolonged period, you should know how long it will last before you need to charge it again.
  • Features
The desired features of an air quality monitoring device depend on your requirements. However, we can boil it down to these key features that improve the control and function of the device:
  • Time Taken: It is always favourable to have a sensor of the air quality monitoring device to get quicker results.
  • Connectivity: Most of the appliances inside a household are digital in today’s world. You want a device that is compatible with your smart home so that you can access it conveniently.
Noise – The monitor may be left running all night to test the air quality as you sleep. But, that doesn’t need to interfere with a night of sound sleep. If you are planning to place it in the bedroom, make sure you find an air quality monitoring device that creates as little sound as possible.

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