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What is the filter made of?

The base material of filter is made of polymers and carbon granules that are safe for living organism. It is coated with certain biocompatible materials having molecules that actively trap pollutants in air (Activated Molecular Technology). All the components of the filter is safe for living organism. The filter is biocompatible.


What are the safety precautions for handling the filter?

The filter is made from non-toxic materials and is biocompatible. So, it is safe to handle it. However, twisting and bending of the filter should be avoided.


What are the safety precautions to be used while disposing the filter?

The filter can be disposed as any other polymeric or plastic material. However, the filter  traps pathogens like bacteria and viruses to keep the user safe from such pathogens. Thus, it is important to use gloves and masks while taking it out from the car. It is better to disinfect it before disposing it off.


How long does the filter last? (hours and days)

The life of the filter depends on the amount of pollution in air as well as usage of the car. In normal usage condition, it lasts up to 180 days. On an average, two filters per year is recommended for moderate car users and three to four filter is recommended for heavy car users. 


Is the filter re-usable?

The filter traps pollutants and pathogens tightly to avoid any leakage which may harm user. Thus, it is difficult to re-use it.


Does the filter need cleaning? If yes, how and how frequently?

It doesn't need any special cleaning. 


How do we know its time to replace the filter?

When the filter has worked to its maximum capacity, the air flow through the filter is affected, but the effectiveness of the filter in filtering out pollutants is not affected. Thus, when the air flow through the vents are reduced drastically, it should be replaced. In any case, the filter will not allow pollutants to pass through it.


Will the filter increase the noise level in my car?

No, there is no noise associated with this filter.


Will the filter decrease the air flow in the car?

No, the filter is designed to achieve maximum efficiency without affecting the flow rate.

Will the filter work on both- the recirculated air and well as on fresh air?

Yes, it will work on both the re-circulated as well as on fresh air. However, it is recommended to use it in re-circulated mode to achieve maximum effectiveness as well as to increase the life of the filter.


Which companies and car models are the filters available for?

The list is available on the website. Please check it if it is available for your car.


Are filters customisable for exclusive and luxury range cars?

Yes, it is customisable for luxury range cars. However, it is not possible to customize it for all types of luxury cars and models. Please check with us if we can make one for your car.


How soon is the order processed for exclusive and luxury range cars?

In about 10 days, but we try to make it as soon as possible.


How does the cabin filter protect against Covid-19 infection?

The filter can filter particles of 100 nm size, while size of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus causing COVID-19) is more than 100 nm. Thus, it can filter out viruses and save the user from getting infected from COVID-19.


How does the filter clean the air in the cabin and to what extent?

The filter uses Active Molecular Technology (AMT) and inbuilt powerful fan system of car to clean inside the cabin of a car. It fits in the AC filter slot present in a car. The filter traps particulate matter such as PM2.5 and other types of bad smell. It consists of three layers. First layer traps the dust and other bigger particles. The second layer is the AMT layer which traps PM 10, PM 2.5, bacteria and viruses. The third layers traps bad odour. It can obtain WHO recommended level of PM 2.5 i.e. 25 µg/m3 in just 2 mins. In less than 5 mins, it brings PM 2.5 level in single digit which is like air in Switzerland.


Does the filter needs cleaning/ replacing more frequently in more polluted cities/ areas?

Yes, it is recommended to replace it more frequently in more polluted cities/areas which also depends on the usage


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