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Why Choose Us

Through years of research and experience (in India, a country with the worst air quality in the world), we have acquired significant knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best in technology and help you lead the life you desire. Ours is the only company in India that focuses solely on providing clean air solutions based on nanotechnology, thereby offering the highest level of protection from harmful pollutants, emissions, respiratory droplets and more.

All harmful emissions such as CNG emissions are under PM 1 and consequently not visible to the naked eye. As our fuels are getting smarter, even all emissions are becoming nano-emissions. Therefore, we are using nanotechnology to create a barrier from these particles.

Our latest offering, the Airific Mask is our answer to the current pandemic, a stylish face mask where comfort meets protection. Standard designer masks in India are somewhat porous, allowing nanoparticles smaller than 0.3 microns through which are extremely harmful to us humans. With our new offering, we offer extra protection using an electrospun nanofibre filter- a fibre that has a width of less than 1 mm and helps reduce the chance of spreading any airborne illnesses.

Till date, ours are the only pollution masks in India certified by Nelson Labs, USA with a 95% – 99% efficacy, reusable and washable. That is the ethos of our business- sustainable products that solve problems, technologically advanced, and internationally certified by the highest authorities.

Our focus and values of ‘science and sustainability’ have served us well and we will continue to use those as pillars to develop protective solutions for environmental challenges in the future.

Maximum Comfort
Ultimate Protection
Internationally Certified
Environmentally sustainable

What We Do

Our product portfolio consists of sustainable, stylish, reusable and affordable clean air solutions to shield you from harmful pollutants in the air and allow you to live a healthy life, without compromising your lifestyle.

We offer an array of products including the best masks in India that protect you everywhere you go- both indoor and outdoor. Starting from specialized anti pollution masks with the highest certifications for general everyday use to sports masks with a higher surface area for better breathing capability, we have products that are globally certified and tested to suit your needs. We have also introduced Indoor Air Purification to ensure that indoor spaces are health and safety compliant in Delhi NCR and India. Considering Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world, we also have pollution masks for Delhi to protect the citizens from toxic pollutants and emissions. Additionally, we provide purification and monitoring solutions for homes, cars and centrally conditioned buildings to make clean air more accessible.

During current times, efficacy, comfort and fit are the three things that are most important to consider while buying anti pollution masks. With our air pollution masks, we endeavour to offer all of the above with the highest level of protection.

Better health today!

Our Leadership

Jai Dhar Gupta, Founder of Nirvana Being is best described as a serial entrepreneur who has built businesses in the US and India. Jai is passionate about Clean Energy and has developed businesses in Wind and Solar Energy space in India.  Jai is  a victim of Delhi's air-pollution, and being an entrepreneur, he has started to test and develop a portfolio of credible clean air solutions that can help protect our families. Under the brand, Nirvana Being, Jai is focused on launching sustainable, stylish, reusable and affordable clean air and wellness products that have a mass market in India due to our deteriorating quality of food, water, and air. Nirvana Being has recently launched its first flagship store at Khan Market, New Delhi and is looking at expanding throughout India.




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