O2 Curve Surgical Mask Adapter

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The O2 Curve Surgical Mask Adapter has been designed with frontline workers in mind. The intent of the adapter is to minimize patient-to-patient transmission. The adapter allows for an inexpensive procedural mask to be worn on top of the O2 Curve. This additional layer of protection can be discarded after each patient visit while still maintaining the sterility of the O2 shell.

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  • Key Benefits
    • Textured surface means procedural masks can grip onto the attachment without sliding off
    • Easily snaps into the Curve with four mounting pins
    • Legs of the attachment are tall enough so that the respirator’s airflow remains unchanged

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Why buy O2 Curve Mask


Best In Class Filtration

  • Filters 95% of PM2.5 particles
    • Road & construction dust
    • Lead
    • Bacteria
  • Replaceable electrostatic filters
  • Filters last up to two weeks
  • Highly breathable
  • Eyewear compatible
  • Soft silicone works with facial hair

Comfort & Style

  • Japanese medical grade silicone creates a comfortable seal
  • Flexible seal is suitable for facial hair
  • Useable with glasses or goggles
  • Ultra-soft ear loop design for minimal interference with hair
  • Outer shells can be swapped
  • Lightweight design is comfortable during extended use

High-Flow Air Vent

  • High flow rate for easy breathing during physically demanding activity
  • Passed Nelson LabsTM
  • Valve test
  • Inhalation/exhalation test


  • Fully washable
  • Submersible
    • can withstand boiling temperatures for sanitation purposes
  • Only the filter needs to be replaced


  • Commuting
  • Exercising
  • Sports
  • Disaster relief
  • Flu or Virus outbreaks
  • Allergy prevention

Replaceable Filter

  • Quickly replace disposable filters
  • Highly breathable filter membrane
  • 99.99% Virus / Bacteria Filtration Efficiency
  • Passed Nelson LabsTM inhalation/exhalation test

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