VentiMax 2.0 : Smarter Ventilation/Filtration – Nirvana Being
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VentiMax 2.0 : Smarter Ventilation/Filtration
VentiMax 2.0 : Smarter Ventilation/Filtration
VentiMax 2.0 : Smarter Ventilation/Filtration
VentiMax 2.0 : Smarter Ventilation/Filtration
VentiMax 2.0 : Smarter Ventilation/Filtration

VentiMax 2.0 : Smarter Ventilation/Filtration

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As we spend more time indoors to escape the cold or heat, our living and working spaces become breeding grounds for a domino effect of illnesses.


Indoor air quality(IAQ) is far from pristine, often 5-10 times worse than outdoors. The not-so-shocking truth is that many indoor environments fall well short of recommended IAQ standards, creating a health hazard that goes unnoticed. Beyond the toll it can have on our physical health, poor IAQ can impact mental well-being, with poor air quality levels linked to symptoms like difficulty focusing and sluggishness. 


While there is a need for ‘Source Control’ by opting for low-emitting building materials, safer cleaning and disinfecting products, exhausting kitchen fumes, removing heavy carpets & drapes, etc, Nirvana Being has launched its Ventimax 2.0, an all-in-one solution which will create a Clean Air Bubble in your indoor space.


The Ventimax 2.0 is the only IAQ solution in India that combines Filtration, Ventilation and Automation into a single cost-effective solution to create sterile air in living/working spaces.


Combined with an Air Quality Monitor and a control panel, users can set their own control logic for complete automation.  The Ventimax 2.0 will sense poor quality air and automatically deliver on-demand ventilation/filtration into the room, making your live/work spaces gyms, or classrooms more comfortable and productive.


The Ventimax 2.0 solves the following problems in an indoor space:


  1. On-demand CO2 management
  2. H14 HEPA filtration to remove PM2.5
  3. Positive pressure to remove odors, toxic gases, VOCs, Mold
  4. Air Changes drive infection control
  5. Automation lowers energy footprint/consumption
  6. Setting control logic eliminates manual intervention/labor


Yes, no more expensive, and dumb air purifiers – a single Ventimax 2.0 will create a sterile clean air bubble for an area of up to 1,200 square feet.  For larger areas, you need to simply think of your indoor spaces as zones and install multiple units.


So, no more stressing about hazardous air, or reduced life expectancy, no more thoughts about becoming a pollution refugee by moving - the Ventimax 2.0 is an all-in-one solution that delivers Switzerland quality air into your living spaces to protect you and your loved ones.

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