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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Face Mask while Travelling During This Covid-19?

by Nirvana Being on February 16, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic affected our lives adversely. Its restrictions prevented us from leaving our homes for two years. Countries around the world closed their borders to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, since the discovery of vaccines, these restrictions have been relaxed. With appropriate safety measures in place, we are now allowed to travel. But, the threat of COVID-19 is still not over. The WHO advises all of us to wear masks while moving about. Thus, to ensure safety while travelling, you should use the best travel mask available online.

How to Choose the Right Mask?


  1. High Breathability

Amongst the masks available in today's markets, several of them have thick filters to protect you from viruses and harmful particles. However, this may cause discomfort, as it limits the amount of air that can pass through. Such masks wouldn’t be the best choice for travelling. That's why we recommend you buy the O2 mask. It is certified by the Nelson Labs' inhalation/exhalation test. The O2 mask uses a breathable media membrane. This membrane allows better ventilation, making it the best mask for travelling


  1. Functional and fashionable

The best mask you can buy will have a functional design. That's why the O2 mask is compatible with facial hair. Its ultra-soft silicone ear loops ensure your hairstyle is not disturbed. It also consists of a white shell and a pack of 3 electrostatic filters. These fibres prevent you from inhaling harmful nanoparticles in the air. 


  1. High Quality

A high-quality mask ensures maximum protection for you. The Medical-grade silicone protects your face adequately. Additionally, the neck strap on this mask is adjustable. Thus, it is a perfect fit for different face shapes and types. We recommend you get yourself an O2 mask from an online store today! 


  1. Anti-fog protection

If you wear spectacles, fogging is a common problem. When you exhale while wearing a mask, your spectacle lenses fog up. It causes discomfort and can be a safety risk when on the road. However, the best travel mask solves this problem. Due to the exceptional design, it fits snugly around your mouth and nose. This prevents the exhaled air from fogging your spectacles. 


  1. Easily Reusability Makes It Affordable

The O2 Mask can withstand boiling temperatures easily. Thus, you can wash and reuse this mask multiple times. A reusable mask saves you a lot of money. This makes it an extremely affordable option to go for.  

The COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted. It means that we can continue with our travel plans once again. However, the pandemic is not over. That’s why you need to keep yourself well-protected. The O2 mask is the best mask for travelling available at Nirvana Being. Its functional design and high-quality materials offer the best protection you'll find.


If you want to get such a mask, we recommend you to go online and search for one. Nirvana Being offers multiple masks that suit the needs of different people. Log on to their website and find yourself a high-quality mask today!

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