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Back to school: Expert Tips to Find the Best Masks for Your Children

by Nirvana Being on February 18, 2022

For the past couple of years, we all have yearned to go out. However, it has been especially tough on kids. Young minds have missed out on the rich experience of going to school. But, the COVID-19 restrictions have finally been relaxed. As schools reopen across the country, our kids will be going out again. However, COVID-19 is far from gone. That’s why using a safety mask for children is essential. Such masks will help prevent the virus from spreading, and ensure better safety. 


Why is it Necessary to Wear a Mask?

COVID-19 has recently mutated again, and there are multiple variants now. The vaccinations that we have were for older strains of the virus. Thus, it is still quite threatening. Additionally, there's no vaccine for kids younger than five years yet. Thus, wearing a mask is essential for a child's safety. COVID-19 is often asymptomatic, and anyone can be a carrier of the virus. Children going back to school will interact with their friends, teachers, staff, etc. Using a mask ensures protection against contracting the disease. 


How Do You Find the Best Mask?

While there are a lot of masks you’ll find at your local store, they are not safe enough. Such masks do not use adequate protective technology to keep us safe. For instance, a simple cloth mask is not certified by the best safety tests. It can’t filter 0.1 micron-sized particles either. Thus, we recommend you go online and search for N95 masks for kids. These masks have a filtration efficacy of >95%. Such masks use a 3-layer design to offer top of the line protection. Out of these three layers, the middle one is a nanotechnology layer. It prevents particles as small as 0.1 microns from being inhaled by kids! Thus, it can protect kids from harmful bacteria, viruses, air pollutants, and PM2.5. 


Another drawback of a cloth mask that's locally available is its standard size. This may make it a bad fit for your child. The mask may be either too loose or too tight on their face. However, the best online mask stores offer masks in several sizes. This ensures you get a tailored fit for a safety mask for children. 


Finally, keep in mind how breathable the mask is. We recommend going for masks certified by the Nelson Labs inhalation/exhalation test. These masks are comforting to wear and offer high breathability.



Kids will start going back to school soon. That’s why selecting the best mask for safety is essential. We recommend you check out Nirvana Being’s N95 masks for kids. The store offers some of the most high-quality N95 masks you’ll find. Additionally, they also have designer masks based on famous children’s franchises like Marvel, DC, Disney, Barbie, etc. You can get your kid a mask that appeals to them! Check out Nirvana Being and find yourself a mask that fits your kid adequately. The store offers several size options ranging from kids to large.

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