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Can you turn your Split AC into an Air Purifier at a very low cost? Read more

by Nirvana Being on May 31, 2022

Indoor air quality is not at its best as it is otherwise perceived to be. If you closely notice the light rays entering a room, you can find fine particles floating in the air. Imagine the percentage of particulates not visible to our naked eye!

Today, a great deal of construction work is happening around us that contributes to the poor indoor air quality immensely. It is one of the reasons behind respiratory discomforts experienced by us.

Moreover, with the COVID era refusing to die down, it has become all the more necessary to have pure and filtered air for our indoors. Do you have an AC with purifier yet? If not, you can easily make it one.The good news is that our split ACs can be equipped with a top-grade quality air filter for a price as low as Rs. 50 per month that helps give you clean and filtered air for indoors. This way, you get a fully fledge AC with air purifier, ensuring clean indoor air.

What Precisely Is a Filter For Split AC?

With increasing pollution and poor air quality, it’s time to transform your AC into the best split AC with air purifier. The split AC filter is a finely porous sheet that can be attached to this device. This filter is designed on nanotechnology and works as a super sucker for all dirt and particulates. With the use of this filter, particulate matter as small as 100nm or 0.1 micron can be trapped, this includes COVID particles as well.

The filter is a removable sheet and is fixed as an attachment at the centre of the AC panel with gaps left on the sides, making it the best split AC with air purifier.

Nanotech AC Filter

Top Features of Nanotech AC Filter From Nirvana Being

Why do you need a filter for Split AC? The reasons can be many. If someone has respiratory conditions such as asthma or is prone to allergic diseases, you can catch infections easily from dusty places. The users of these easy-to-install and low cost AC filters for a room can have better quality, breathable air indoors and stay protected from air-borne irritants. It’s ideal for small offices, clinics, home units for better health and safety.

The Top Features of the Nanotech AC Filter from Nirvana Being are:

  1. Advanced technology: A considerable amount of innovative thinking goes into the making of attachable filters for split ACs. The product is made using electrospun nanofibers fortified further with additives having antiviral and antibacterial properties. Along with being highly affordable and low cost AC filters, the quality of AC filter sheet allows trapping of the smallest of the irritants and provides healthier air.
  2. Tested for spaces with various AQIs: The AQI or air quality index provides the status of the surrounding air for any space. The nanotechnology-based filter sheet attachable to split AC can have shelf-life as per the spaces’ AQI conditions. On an estimate, the filter sheet can give the best performance for 300-500 hours of use. 
  3. Filtration efficacy: This efficient and low cost AC filter sheet for split AC has commendable filtration efficacy. The product can trap the particulate matter or nanoparticles with 99.7% viral efficacy and bacterial filtration efficacy as well as 96% PM 2.5 filtration efficacy tested by Nelson Labs, USA - one of the reputed labs in the world. Thus, this adds more to the filtering capacity of the split AC’s existing filter sheets, making it an AC with air purifier, and further improving the quality of air indoors.
  4. Simple DIY Solution: It does not require a mechanic or technician to attach the filter sheets to the split AC. The user can open the front cover, attach the filter to the top with tape and the bottom is folded behind the screen. Put the cover back and that is all! 

It is high time we focus on improving indoor air quality for the well-being of the people living with us. The glaring concern of using poor AQIs in cities makes it essential to think about these solutions with an open mind. These carefully designed, efficient, and low cost AC filters are the need of the hour. Are you ready to experience the best split ac with air purifier? Bring home the Nanotech AC Filter without Carbon or with Carbon and see how it helps you have healthy air for you and your family.


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