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Difference Between PM 2.5 Masks and N95 Masks

by Nirvana Being on September 29, 2022

Masking faces is considered as putting awareness towards preventing the pandemic in action. But only being aware that covering faces with masks is not enough. You must know about different masks that are available in the market. While N95 masks have become a trend, a few other options are worth knowing about.

You may find masks with different filtering and protective abilities. Apart from N95 masks that get their name because of their filtering capacity, you may find an option as a PM 2.5 face mask. 

The difference between a PM 2.5 mask and an N95 mask is the size of the particles that these masks can block from entering the mouth and nose. 

A PM 2.5 mask has fine mesh used for making the product. This constitution allows the mask to block particulate matters of size 2.5 microns. So, they have a specific filtering ability. Those users who need to work in environments where particulates of size 2.5 microns are in abundance can protect themselves from respiratory diseases with the help of such masks.

But, it is precisely where the N95 mask differs from the PM 2.5 face mask. An N95 mask can filter particulate matter of all sizes with 95% filtering efficacy. Hence, not only PM 2.5, but this mask also covers other allergens and pollutants responsible for respiratory diseases. 


Nanotechnology - A Proven Differentiator

N95 masks are designed to offer maximum protection from pollutants or respiratory droplets. These masks are available online at ventures like Nirvana Being which offers these facial covers developed using nanotechnology. This technology is responsible for a super fine mesh-like structure that constitutes these masks. By using such fine material, the efficacy of the mask is increased manifold. 

But, the PM 2.5-grade mask may not be nanotechnology-based. Its production technology may be different. The mask may not be effective against PMs smaller than 2.5 microns. Thus, one has to understand the usage pattern completely before picking this variety of masks.


Reusability Sets the Two Apart

N95 and PM 2.5 face masks may differ in reusability. Mostly, the PM 2.5 mask is made disposable and cannot be used again. Nirvana Being’s N95 mask is designed to assure reusability. The material used for making the N95 mask is washable. It allows the users to save on expenses and make using masks a sustainable habit.


Comfort Provided Due to Breathable Material

The N95 face mask from some sellers is available in materials that have high breathability. These materials make it easy for kids and other people who feel suffocated easily to adopt mask use.


To conclude,

The choices of face masks have grown in recent times. You may get confused by the technical terms displayed on the product covering. Hence, to simplify things, take a clue from the points of difference between the N95 and PM 2.5 masks and make a correct buying decision. It will help you get the protection and comfort you deserve. Also, face mask will not prove hindrance to living normal life with these points taken in consideration.


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