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Nirvana Range Combo Pack...

Rs. 495.00

Airific 2.0 Navy

Rs. 795.00Rs. 995.00

Airific 2.0 Strike

Rs. 795.00Rs. 995.00

Airific 2.0 Dobby

Rs. 795.00Rs. 995.00

Airific 2.0 Buds

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Airific 2.0 Band

Rs. 795.00Rs. 995.00

Nirvana Mask

Rs. 295.00

Airific 2.0 Drive

Rs. 795.00Rs. 995.00

Airific 2.0 Ixora

Rs. 795.00Rs. 995.00

O2 Curve Mask

Rs. 1,490.00Rs. 3,990.00

Airific 2.0 Neon

Rs. 795.00Rs. 995.00

Airific Marvel Captain America...

Rs. 595.00

Airific Marvel Mini Spiderman

Rs. 395.00

Airific Disney Simba

Rs. 595.00

Airific 2.0 Sharks

Rs. 795.00Rs. 995.00

Airific 2.0 Rabbit

Rs. 795.00Rs. 995.00

Airific Disney Pink Princess

Rs. 595.00

Airific Marvel Ironman Grid

Rs. 595.00

O2 Curve Shell

Rs. 1,290.00

Airific 2.0 Iggy

Rs. 995.00

Enhance Your Safety with Nirvana Being’s Stellar Range of Protective Face N95 Masks

Reduce the risk of breathing in harmful substances with Nirvana’s range N95 FFP2 masks, remember no one is safe until everyone is safe.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of wearing masks. However, it was a long-time coming, since we experience high levels of pollution regularly. The average exposure of an Indian to PM 2.5 pollutants compared to other countries is 83.2 micrograms/cubic meter. Thus, it highlights the importance of wearing a face mask in India today. Keeping this in mind at Nirvana Being, we have developed N95 face masks that suit everyone. Our superior technology and attention to detail, make our face masks the perfect fit for you. We have an assortment of the best designer cotton face masks online in India.

Highly efficient nanotechnology
At Nirvana Being, we follow the principles of Buddhism. That’s why our philosophy is based on consistent research to make purchasing a face mask online in India safe for you. Our recent collections include nanotechnology support. With each passing day, polluting particles are becoming lethal and smaller. For this reason, you need a mask that can filter out Nano-particles. Our cutting-edge nanotechnology layer can filter up to particles as small as 0.1microns. It keeps you safe and ensures long-lasting health. To find yourself the best face mask in India for COVID, log on to our store and select a designer face mask online in India today.

Breathe Easy with Advanced Design
Often, mask designs make our face stuffy. Due to protective features, they compromise on breathability. However, here at Nirvana Being, we understand that not being able to breathe is troubling. It causes discomfort and may affect people with health issues like asthma. Through consistent dedication and effort, our design team brings to you a face mask in India with the lowest breathing resistance. Our masks are suited to the needs of everyone. At Nirvana Being, we offer the best face mask for men, women, and children. You can select from a range of size options to get yourself a tailored fit!

Internationally Tested by the Best
When you buy a designer face mask online in India, you shouldn’t need to compromise on safety. That’s why, at Nirvana, we got our masks tested by the best. The best face mask in India available at our store, are certified by ITS Labs and Nelson Labs for >96% viral efficacy. Get yourself a face mask online in India that’s certified to be breathable and filters most PM 2.5 particles!

Leave a Sustainable Footprint
At Nirvana Being, we pay close attention to the dire environmental crisis right now. That's why we commit to the well-being of society by choosing sustainability. Our masks are designed to be reusable and washable making them a perfect fit for long-term use. Additionally, when you buy a face mask online in India from us, you get a mask made of natural and sustainable materials.

Why Choose Nirvana?
At Nirvana Being, we are committed to our customers' safety. Our masks have been tested rigorously under controlled lab conditions and are N95 FFP2 certified. We only manufacture products that have gained certifications and are ready for real-world use. Our philosophy demands us to put safety above all. However, we haven't forgotten the need for style. You can get yourself a designer face mask online in India from our store as well. You will find a plethora of designs while buying a face mask for women, men, or children. Buy a breathable, protective, and stylish face mask today!


Are the masks reusable?
Yes. You can wash, sterilize, and reuse the masks multiple times.
Do I Need to Disinfect my mask after every use?
In today’s world, minimal exposure can also be quite harmful to your body. We recommend you disinfect your mask after every use unless you’ve not been around crowds.
How do I dispose of my masks?
When the time has come to dispose of your mask, we suggest you disinfect it and then throw it away. It reduces the chances of COVID-19 transmission significantly.
How Long will my mask last?
A mask from Nirvana Being should last you up to 6 months at least!

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