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Expert Advice on Choosing the Best Face Masks for Travelling. Points to Consider while choosing the Right Face Mask?

by Nirvana Being on February 16, 2022

Recently, lockdown restrictions have been relaxed in our country. It's good news for those who yearned to travel. However, we mustn't forget that the COVID-19 pandemic is still at large. Even with vaccinations available, the threat is far from over. If you're travelling soon, we recommend following the necessary safety protocols. One of the essential protocols is wearing a mask. That’s why we, recommend you get the best mask for travelling from an online store. However, here are a few points you should consider, while buying a travel mask in COVID times.


Points to Consider While Buying a Good Mask

Are you wondering how to choose the best mask with filter? Or without filter. We hear you, Experts say that various factors contribute to making a mask the best. That's why, before selecting a travel mask, you need to check if they meet the relevant criteria. 


  1. Filtration Quality

If you are confused that how to choose the best face mask, filter quality and efficiency is an important factor. To prevent COVID-19 spread, good filtration efficiency is necessary. A travel mask in COVID with a bad filtration system cannot protect you adequately. Experts recommend, you buy masks that can filter particles of 0.1-micron size. Ideally, the best mask for travelling should block 95% of PM 2.5 particles.


  1. Breathability

Travelling engages you in a lot of physical activity. That’s why the best travel mask should allow ample air ventilation. Several masks have high filtration capacities. However, not all of them offer good breathability. They may make you feel quite stuffy. While such masks are best face masks for air travel, using them for long travelling hours can make your experience uncomfortable. That's why you need to buy a mask that offers good breathability. We recommend going for high-quality travel masks in COVID that are certified by the Nelson labs inhalation/exhalation test. Such masks offer ample air inflow while maintaining high filtration standards.


  1. Made of Premium Materials

Buying the best face mask for travel must be made of high-quality materials to ensure your safety. Low-quality masks don’t use materials that provide adequate protection. That’s why, we recommend you buy a mask made with medical-grade silicone. Additionally, one that uses a 3-layer electrostatic fibre can protect you better. Such masks provide exceptional comfort and ensure safety!  


  1. The Fit of the Mask

The best mask for travelling is one that fits you well. When you're on the road, having to readjust your mask time and again is very distracting. Thus, you should get a mask that fits you well. You can find one online with adjustable neck straps and soft silicone ear loops. Silicone is lightweight and reduces ear strain. Additionally, the best travel mask will have adjustable straps make these masks a good fit for all types of faces. 


The relaxed COVID-19 restrictions, are a boon for travellers. However, staying safe is essential at such a time. That's why you should get the best travel mask for yourself. Nirvana Being is an online mask store that offers a plethora of high-quality masks. The O2 Mask for travellers they offer, is one of the best ones you’ll find. This mask meets all the requirements we've mentioned. The store also pays attention to style, as the O2 mask is available in multiple colours.

Are you looking forward to getting the best face masks for air travel? You should check their collection out and get yourself one of the best travel masks available. Follow this link to check out the web-store. Search for the best masks for travelling and stay safe!


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