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Explaining the need for Covid masks for kids

by Nirvana Being on July 28, 2021

Staying healthy and protecting loved ones from the onslaught of the deadly COVID19 virus is of paramount importance. The mandatory precautionary measures like frequent washing of hands, maintaining social distancing, staying at home, keeping away from gatherings etc., need to be practiced with diligence. Wearing the mask is something that cannot be taken lightly. It is the only way to prevent the spread of the COVID19 infection. The mask puts up a barrier that prevents both the entry and exit of cough droplets thereby breaking the cycle of the infection.

While most people adhere to the rules and wear the pollution mask as a mandatory precautionary measure, the kids might find it an uncomfortable practice. But as per guidelines issues by prominent medical boards around the world, all kids above the age of 2 need to wear a mask. They are as susceptible to the infection as an adult is. 

COVID mask requirements for kids

While it is always better to limit interactions of kids to members of the family only, there might be times when taking them out becomes mandatory. In such instances, they have to wear the mask. Certain things that need to be taken into account when selecting masks for kids are:

  • It should fit perfectly around their face. If the pollution mask is comfortable, kids will not fiddle with it.
  • Masks should have adjustable ties. It is better to choose masks with ties that go around the head since the ones with ties that go behind the ears can be uncomfortable. It is also easier for kids to take off such masks.
  • The presence of a metallic nose bridge helps to keep the mask in place after wearing it.
  • The chosen Covid masks for kids should allow the kids to breathe comfortably. 
  • It should essentially consist of two protective layers.

Kids can dispense with the mask only when they are within the 4 walls of their homes. They have to wear the mask at all other times. However, the presence of any COVID infected family member living in isolation within the same home will make it mandatory for kids to wear face masks even at home. To prevent kids from being infected, every parent should take this precautionary measure. It would be prudent to mention here that COVID vaccines for kids have yet to be made.

Teaching kids to wear the mask

Kids should be taught the basic precautions required when wearing a mask. These include:

  • Washing the hands with soap or using a sanitizer before putting on the mask
  • Wearing the mask properly so that it fits snugly around the chin, cheeks, nose and mouth
  • Not touching the mask front
  • Never pulling down the mask into their mouth or under the chin
  • Storing the mask in a container or a small nag
  • Never sharing Covid masks for kids with others

If the child suffers from a developmental disability or a mental health condition, sensory disorder etc., making them wear a mask increases their discomfort. Such children should be essentially kept at home as much as possible. They should have little or no interaction with the outer world.


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