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How O2 Face Mask Helps Travel Safe

by Nirvana Being on June 22, 2022

Learning to live with new normal? Then, you must have started using travel mask by now, and also, would have come across several types of masks. If you feel overwhelmed by the choices available, try to zero in on the option through tests and trials. Finding time for all this is too difficult and taking chance with safety is not a good idea. Hence, O2 travel mask makers have done all the research for you. 

Let’s explore the reasons that make O2 mask the best travel mask for all types of commuters.


  • Fully Tested for Efficacy

Why test while travelling and put yourself in danger? Hence, choose the travel masks that are tested for efficacy well in advance. The silicone seal fit of the O2 travel mask is one of the most suitable features that contribute to the filtration efficacy. Owing to this feature, this mask provides more than 99% shielding against viruses. 

The other advantage of the silicone seal fit is high comfort. You find a reliable travel partner in O2 curve mask that makes long travel hours quite comfortable even with the mask on. Thus, you get the dual advantage of comfort and protection.


  • Anti-Fog Design

Smoky lens is the common problem that people who use spectacles report when they wear masks. The unclear vision causes discomfort especially when both hands are occupied in carrying the travel bags. You may find the best solution for this in O2 curve mask. The snug fit of this travel mask prevents the fog caused by breath to build up on the lenses. Thus, you have no issues reading the directions or booklets, etc. while you travel wearing the mask.


  • Pre-Tested Membrane for Better Breathability

O2 masks are not the common cloth masks that you find in the market. These are a level up in style as well as functionality. The mask has a membrane that provides effective medium for air to pass through. Hence, you won’t feel suffocated as you have access to fresh air with no microorganisms passing through the membrane. 


  • Long Shelf-Life

The O2 mask is reusable. You can wash it and even put it in boiling water for deep sanitization. None of the look, form and functionality alter due to washing and sanitizing it. The product package includes a facial mask and the electrostatic filters that you can use to replace the previous one. 


  • No Compromise with Hairstyle

The design of the mask is made to complement your hairstyle. Not a single strand will be out of place on using the mask as it comes with adjustable strands and neck loop. The mask is compatible with the facial hair as well.

Do you need any more reasons to include this mask in your travel kit? Easy to wear and adjust and with exceptional functionalities, it proves to be the best travel mask you can depend upon. You can find this mask online at NirvanaBeing, the ultimate online destination for buying sustainable and responsibly made clean air solutions.

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