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How pure is the air in your car cabin?

by Flying Saints Creative Agency on October 07, 2021


India has the worst communicable disease, and the worst air pollution record on the planet.  In Urban environments especially, our highest exposure to air pollution is in a car, as we roll along bumper-to-bumper, with fumes from the car in front of us getting picked up by the AC of our car.  Shared mobility with models like Uber, Ola and more, also create transmission risks of TB, viruses and bacteria. Essentially, the air you breath inside your car can be 10 times more dangerous than what you breath outside.     



Nirvana Being, is set to launch their Airific Car Cabin Air Filter which is empowered with Active Molecular Technology (AMT). This is a do-it-yourself (DIY) product which replaces your existing filter in a slot behind your glove compartment.  The product creates a barrier for PM 2.5, PM 1, SOX & NOX gasses, pollen, bacteria, TVOCs and viruses, and prevents them from both entering the cabin of the car and also recirculating within the cabin.

Through tests performed on various car models, we have found that Airific Car Cabin Air Filter brings Air Quality Index (AQI) within the WHO recommended range within 2 minutes of switching it on. This filter has a life of 6 months, assuming an average usage of 2 hours daily. 



As soon as the Air flow enters, it goes through 3 layers before it gets ready for you to breath. Layer 1: where Dust and pollen gets captured. Then it goes through the 2nd layer which is called the AMT layer, here PM2.5, PM10, bacteria, and other germs are captured. Then the air comes to the 3rd layer where it meets optimally packed activated carbon material that entraps Harmful gases, VOCs, and Odour. 



Better, faster and cheaper!

We are filtering at the source and the Airific Car Cabin Air Filter does not allow any pollutants inside the cabin, leading to superior results. Since the Airific Car Cabin Air Filter is a barrier at the source, we guarantee safe WHO levels of air quality within 2 minutes. The Airific Car Cabin air filter costs INR 1,200-2,000 depending on the make and model of the car and it lasts 6 months. 


Clearly, the Airific Car Cabin Air Filter is a novel approach to bring health and safety to your car and a great way to reduce your exposure to the toxic cocktail on our highways.


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