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Make your Car’s AC into an Air Purifier with this economical product

by Nirvana Being on May 31, 2022

We are back to the new normal, we are slowly moving towards our routine, day-to-day life. Hence, there is an increase in air pollution everywhere. The air is again toxic with all the vehicle fumes making it difficult to survive in the city life.

Moreover, COVID continues to remain a concern for the everyday commuter. Hence, it is important to have safe, filtered air for your car interiors as well. 

Your car is no safe haven. The air entering your car through the air conditioning vents makes it difficult to breathe. You are inhaling the toxic air every day, damaging your lungs. For commuters with respiratory and allergic disorders, it is all the more hazardous. This is where car air purifier cum filter can be a saviour for us!

What is a Car Air Filter?

A car air filter, also known as a car cabin filter, is a handy device fitted in the slot behind the glove compartment. It acts as a barrier between the car’s indoor space and pollutants and irritants like PM 2.5 and PM 1, bacteria, pollen, TVOCs, viruses, and various toxic gases. Thus, by attaching this device the road travellers can have good quality air inside the car.

car air purifier cum filter

Select the Best Car Air Filter Using These Tips

Not every car air purifier and filter can work the way they should. You may come across a deluge of such products making tall claims. But, picking the genuine performer from the rest can be a bit tricky. 

It may be better to follow the tips mentioned below to arrive at the most promising car air purifier:

  • Works on active molecular technology: The active molecular technology (AMT) implies that the car’s airflow is not obstructed while the filtering takes place. The membrane of the filter does not block the air and allows its free flow while performing the filtration process. It can maintain the air level inside along with maintaining the quality of air inside the car.
  • Easy to install: The car cabin filter should offer a hassle-free process of installation. Clear instructions provided on the product cover help you install it quickly yet correctly. The filter should complement its slot shape and size perfectly for good fitting. It is also important to ensure its correct functioning.
  • Quality-tested: As a buyer, you cannot afford to have a car air filter of sub-standard quality. The product makers can live up to their promise of delivery if they have tested it thoroughly and as per the stringent norms. By applying the best standards of quality and adherence to the norms of testing, the filter works as per the expectations and ensures healthy travelling by car.
  • Economical:  While conventional air purifier cost a bomb, this filter is quite inexpensive and the life span of it also upto 6 months. It’s also available for various car models, custom manufacturing is also possible. 
  • Install and use as instructed:
  • Take all precautions while installing the air purifier for a car. It is needed to extract the best benefits of this product and to enjoy its intended use. For instance, the car’s doors and windows should be closed properly before putting this filter on.

    Also, turn on the AC in re-circulation mode. It activates the purifying action and also allows the uninterrupted flow of air indoors. 

    Follow the maintenance schedule and do replace it religiously as advised. 

    Wrapping Up

    Car air filtration is as important as your indoor air quality. The fact is, it is quite essential to fight air pollution. Have a sturdy barrier of the air filter to prevent health disorders caused by constant exposure to minute PM (particulate matters) and pollens, etc. Nirvana Being’s Airific Car Cabin Filter is a simple yet effective product that can provide ample protection against irritants and helps have a safe travel time on the road.


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