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Mitigating Airborne Disease Transmission in a Car Cabin

by Nirvana Being on June 15, 2022

Transmission of highly infectious respiratory diseases, including COVID-19, is facilitated by the transport of exhaled droplets and aerosols that can remain suspended in air for extended periods of time. A passenger car cabin represents one such situation with an elevated risk of pathogen transmission.

For maximum social isolation, driving alone is clearly ideal, but this is not widely practical or environmentally sustainable, and there are many situations in which two or more people need to drive together. Wearing face masks and using barrier shields to separate occupants do offer an effective first step toward reducing infection rates. However, aerosols can pass through all but the most high-performance filters, and virus emissions via nanoparticle-sized aerosols associated with breathing and talking, let alone coughing and sneezing, are practically unavoidable.

While Its highly recommended to run the ventilation on maximum to move all the stale air out of the cabin, that may not be sufficient.  A tested and credible solution that captures all the droplets and aerosols at the source is the Airific Car Cabin filter.  Developed utilizing Advanced Molecular Technology(AMT), the Airific Car Cabin Filter has the filtration efficiency of a N99 filter and removes viruses, bacteria and particles(PM2.5) from the air with a >99% efficacy.

Not only is there a reduced risk of disease transmission, there is a reduced exposure to air pollution as well.  A simple do-it-yourself(DIY) solution, at a low cost that goes a long way to drive health and well-being.  Be safe!


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