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Must have masks to travel in comfort and style

by Nirvana Being on November 29, 2021

For better or for worse, masks have become inescapable companions of our lives. Even after being fully vaccinated, it is going to be a while before we can safely go outdoors without a mask.

Luckily, with transportation slowly getting regularized and the COVID waves dying out, this is the perfect time to go on a long awaited trip. After months of being locked up in our homes, we deserve the perfect vacation. And to ensure our safety, we need the best COVID travel mask.

Why should you buy the highest quality masks online?

  • COVID-19 is one of the most infectious viruses, and being vaccinated is not enough to safeguard your health. Even if you are healthy and have a strong immunity, but to keep yourself and your loved ones safe COVID travel mask is a must have for everyone
  • Since there have been a lot of cases of asymptomatic carriers of the disease, you cannot know for sure if the passengers with you are completely healthy or not. To ensure your personal safety you must keep your mask on at all times.
  • Touring or travelling is all about relaxing and letting your soul free. If you are constantly worried about contracting the virus you will not be able to fully let yourself relax. Wearing a mask eases your worries to a large extent as you know that you are taking steps to stay safe.
  • Only the highest quality masks offer you both ease of wearing and great style. You can buy travel masks online and make a fashion statement while staying safe.

Which travel mask should I buy for my vacation?      

The travel mask you choose must fulfill the following factors:

  • The mask must be a proper, snug fit but also allow you to breathe comfortably. Especially if your vacation involves long hours of travelling, you need a mask that can let you enjoy the ride without having to struggle for air.
  • The mask must have high quality filters that remove all viruses and particulate matter from the air you breathe in. Travelling often requires you to be in air-conditioned coaches in close quarters with other passengers. Choosing masks with triple layer nanotechnology filters is the safest.
  • The mask must be light against your skin and not cause problems for those with heightened sensitivity. The best travel masks give you adequate protection while ensuring that you do not break out or develop rashes.
  • The mask must be easily available online so that you can buy multiple ones that last the entire trip for you and your family.

Considering these factors, Nirvana Being’s Airific mask is the perfect choice for your trip. As an added advantage, the mask also looks trendy and stylish so you can put your best foot forward.


The mask is internationally tested and certified by several organizations both in India and abroad. This mask from Nirvana Being can be worn safely on vacations and during long distance travelling as it gives you the most satisfactory results.

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