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Types of Pollutants You Can Block with Air Purifier for Car

by Nirvana Being on June 22, 2022

Travelling by road, especially in cities, is just like steering through a cover of smoke and pollutants these days. According to researches, the vehicles emit about 2.9Gg (Giga gram) of the particulate matter of size PM 2.5.  Though cars provide you a comfortable ride away from the dust and smoke, these are not designed to shield the pollutants from entering in. A feasible solution is now available to combat this issue in the form of a car air purifier.


Designed to Protect

Cars with AC have a slot for the air filter behind the glove compartment. The design of the car air purifier filter makes it easy to fit it on to that space easily. It is tested for filtration efficacy to help users derive maximum benefits. 

The air purifier works two ways. It stops the external pollutants to enter the interiors and also from recirculating inside. Thus, what you get is a crispy, clean environment inside the car. No matter how long your drive is, you will not feel deprived of clean air. Thus, you can enjoy a healthy and safe drive with car air purifier fit inside the vehicle.


Best Shield for All Types of pollutants

Car air purifier filter is based on AMT, a technology that ensure WHO approved air quality for enclosed spaces. The purifier works effectively against:


1.   Harmful particulates: The particulates of size PM 2.5 and PM 10 are quite threatening to the lungs and can cause several respiratory diseases. Those who already struggle with respiratory ailments find it difficult to put on masks for longer periods. The use of car cabin air filter can trap these particulates and provide better interior air quality.


2.   Bacteria and virus: Most of the bacteria and virus are PM 10 and PM 2.5 and less. These micro-organisms are responsible for several life-threatening diseases. If you are required to spend longer hours amidst all these, such as, during a long drive by car, you may not escape these. Having a car cabin air filter inside can change the situation for better.


3.   Harmful gases: All vehicles and the notorious emissions coming from them have been a matter of grave concern. These emissions are full of harmful gases that cause breathing issues on continued exposure. While struggling through traffic jams or traveling from one part to the other part of the city, you can reduce your exposure to them with car cabin filters that can purify air and keep these gases outside the vehicle too.


4.   Pollens: Pollen is a classic air-borne pollutant that is responsible for allergic diseases like asthma, lung fibrosis, etc. The air filter for car cabins trap these pollens, too, effectively and provide better AQI value.


Trust the air filters for car cabins made with filtering membranes that are capable of providing WHO-recommended air quality. Make travelling a truly enjoyable experience with these air filters and stay protected too. Nirvana Being is the best place to buy these filters online. It stocks the sustainable and excellent quality clean air solutions for all types of usage needs.

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