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What You Should Know Before Buying N99 Mask?

by Nirvana Being on April 27, 2021

Higher pollution levels lead to a higher risk of lung infections and other respiratory diseases. Sometimes these diseases might turn into chronic ailments requiring precautions to be taken throughout life. For the elderly, very high levels of pollution can be extremely detrimental. 

Since pollution has become an integral part of our lives now, it is best to take precautions. Wearing an anti-pollution mask before stepping out of the house is a very effective option. However, when we visit a face mask shop near me, the number of face mask options available can be very confusing. Whether you want to buy N99 mask, N95 mask, or cloth mask, it can be quite baffling at times. Consequently, it is best to understand which mask best suits our needs before stepping out to procure one.

 Naming of the mask

The most popularly used masks include the N95, N99. Many of us would be wondering why masks are named using a number and a symbol. There is a scientific reason for the same. The number denotes the percentage of filtration for particles that are either .3microns or above in size. For example, the N95 mask can filter out 95% of all particles including minute particles, mites, fumes, droplets etc. Similarly, when you buy N99 mask, the percentage of filtration is 99%. 

The symbol “N” has not been randomly chosen but is a letter class of Respiratory rating. It denotes that these masks only filter out non-oil particles. So if you are living in an area that has a higher amount of oil pollutants, it is best to opt for masks that contain the alphabets:

  • R meaning that they remain resistant to oils particles for 8 hours at a stretch or
  • P meaning that the masks are oil-proof

 Benefits of Using N99 Masks

You must buy N99 mask for combating pollution and get the following benefits.

  • Filtration: As mentioned earlier, the N99 filters out 99% of pollutant. This makes it very effective to use especially in areas that experience high pollution levels. 
  • Washability: N99 masks are reusable as they can be washed after use to remove dirt and dust from them. However, since different companies add variations to the basic design, the washability of the masks might also vary. Some masks can be washed after removing the N99 filter while others washed directly. Meanwhile, N99 mask without valve is relatively easier to wash and maintain. Thus, when you go to a face mask shop near me, you should always understand these aspects well before buying.  
  • Presence of valves: With masks with valves, you can breathe easily. When air is inhaled, it passes through the different layers especially the N99 filter of the mask thereby ensuring their proper filtration. However, when air is exhaled, it goes out through the valves. Since the exhaled air contains more carbon-di-oxide, when using masks without respiratory valves, you might feel giddy after come time. Thus if you need to wear the mask for longer periods, it is best to opt for the N99 masks.
  • Material: Generally, you must buy N99 mask with materials that offer effective filtration, such as non-woven, electrostatic polypropylene fibre.

Cleaning of the N99 mask valve

Generally, to clean the valves, you need to follow the instructions mentioned on the mask packet. However, you should take care to clean the valves gently to avoid filter damage. To retain the usability of the mask for longer durations, it is best to pat the mask gently or use a soft brush to removed trapped dust and dirt from the valves. Another best alternative is to get an N99 mask without valve. As the name implies, the N99 mask without valve comes with same N99 filter but lacks a valve. This way, you save your time and risk of cleaning or damaging the valves.

 Disadvantages of N99 mask

These masks are not recommended for people who are already suffering from a breathing disorder. When using the n99 mask, you might experience some resistance to breathing. While the introduction of valves makes it easy to some extent, still if you have COPD or asthma, you should not opt for this mask. 

Overall, when you buy N99 mask, make sure it has the N99 filter which efficiently filters the air helping breath cleaner than ever.


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