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Why You Should Think About Having a Split AC Filter

by Nirvana Being on June 22, 2022

Air quality has become a matter of concern in many cities. Especially, the metro cities report high concentration of particulates. Less spacious houses, poorly ventilated and inhabited by big families have poorer indoor air quality. All these conditions call for the application of AC air filter


How Air Filter For AC is Used

Easy application is a good reason for having a split AC filter. It is added to the main panel of the split AC of which 80% portion is covered with this filtering shield. You can apply the filter without any help and maintenance is hassle-free too. So, you are not adding any other appliance to your living space to congest it further and simply converting the AC into an air filter.


Best Reasons to have a Filter for Aplit AC

A split AC filter is designed to offer convenience of use and better shield from pollutants entangled in the air. Its mesh is made of super fine material reinforced with antibacterial additives. These can trap the microorganisms quite effectively and provide a proper shield against these.

The AC air filter can trap the virus and bacteria with 99.7% efficacy to help you have pure air indoors. You can actually feel the freshness sweeping through the air while AC filter is put on. Its added effectiveness in trapping these harmful pollutants and allergens is beneficial for keeping the respiratory diseases at bay. You can live with relaxed mind and enjoy a better-quality living space that complements your health needs.

The material of the filter for Split AC is another talking point. It is made of electro spun nanofibers that can trap the particulate matter as small as PM 2.5. More than 95% filtering efficacy provides you with the fresh air you truly deserve to have at home or office. 

Quite useful for the inhabitants who suffer from asthma, recurrent cough and wheezing caused due to allergens, the air filter for AC ensures safe living for the inmates. They can cut on the frequent visits to doctor and may find significant drop in wheezing and other instances of breathlessness. 

Another factor that goes in favor of this AC additive is the split AC filter price. This convenient additive for the split ACs is available at a very pocket-friendly price. You also get the advantage of easy maintenance, which allows you to use it for longer periods. Depending upon the air quality and the hours of use, you can choose the cleaning schedule and extend its shelf-life. 

A lot of saving on medical expenses adds to the advantages you can extract from the low split AC filter price. Doesn’t less frequency of calling sick at work mean more productivity and better pay too? 

Thus, you bring home a bouquet of benefits when you install an air filter in your AC. It is the best bet for having the perfect environment at home. If still in doubt, the smiling and healthy faces of loves ones will tell you a lot about the advantages of this air filter.

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