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Carry Your Water Filter Wherever You Go with Bobble Bottle

by Nirvana Being on June 22, 2022

Water is not palatable everywhere. That is why, those who stay outdoors for long or are regular travelers need portable solutions that can provide filtered water anytime, anywhere. Previously, the users required to depend upon the water filters installed at places. Their filterability and regularity in maintenance has always been a matter of concern. Now all worries can be put aside with the Bobble water bottle.


What is Bobble Water Bottle?

A bobble bottle is a smart solution for carrying filtered water everywhere. It is a light-weight bottle having carbon filter attached. The filtration takes place due to a simple scientific principle of oppositely-charged matters attracting each other. The contaminants are negatively charged; thus, they swarm in to the carbon filter that has opposite charge, making the resultant water pure and safe to drink.

Thus, bobble bottle is an effective storage solution that allows you to have constant supply of pure, filtered water wherever you go.


Top Characteristics of Bobble-Style Bottle

Bobble is made in the USA and is adorned with several innovative features that ensure providing clean, odor-free and safe drinking water to the user. You get the best-quality water even if you fill it with simple tap water. The most advantageous features of Bobble are:


  1. Reusable carbon filters attached: The outlet of the bottle has the carbon filter on the inner side. This carbon filter is easy to use and maintain. Only washing the bottle with plain water is needed to make it ready for next fill. The carbon filter is tested for ensuring chlorine-free and odor-free water achieved with BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC body.
  2. Easy to carry: This bottle can be used at gyms, or while playing sports as it comes with firm, molded-in grip for easy holding. Bobble sport water bottle is suitable for the people with active lifestyle as it allows them to carry their fluids and stay hydrated.
  3. Tested filtering ability: Bobble sport water bottle meets charcoal filter standard NSF 42. The filter is replaceable and is capable of working till 150 liters of water. After every 150 liters of use, change the filter to get the best results.

All these characteristics make this bottle a portable water filter that provides the user clean water while you are outdoors. The sleek design makes it a flaunt-worthy possession too. Available in various filter colors, you can have the color as per your mood too. 


A Sustainable and Environment-Friendly Bottle

The water filter in this bottle offers performance equal to 300 bottles as per the tests done. Hence, you don’t contribute to the waste-fills of the city as you can reuse this bottle way longer than a normal bottle. The filter is replaceable too, which further extends the shelf-life of the bottle. 


Wrapping Up,

A little change in products and usage habits while keeping the health of surroundings in mind can make a big difference to the environment. Adopt high-quality, long-lasting yet sleek and stylish bottle by Bobble and have clean water within access everywhere.

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