idMASK- Sports Pollution Mask – Nirvana Being
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The idMASK is the most comfortable high performance facial covering on the market. Go outdoors and achieve your fitness goals confidently!

What makes the idMASK 2.0 so special?

Unlike other masks, idMASK is designed to be airtight, so nothing leaks in through the sides.

Our velvety-soft silicone seal sits comfortably on your face preventing leakage, meaning your glasses won't fog up even during intense workouts.

idMASK- Sports Pollution Mask (7)


Rs. 2,990.00Rs. 3,690.00

idMASK Filters

Rs. 1,290.00

idMASK Shield

Rs. 790.00

idMASK Combo 1 (Mask+...

Rs. 2,790.00

idMASK Combo 2 (Mask...

Rs. 2,390.00

idMASK Combo 3 (Filter...

Rs. 1,790.00

idMASK Combo 4 (Mask...

Rs. 3,490.00

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