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Concerned for Elderly People at Home Due to Poor AQI? Here Are Some Tips to Reduce Their Exposure.

by Nirvana Being on March 06, 2023

Elderly people are quite prone to allergies. They find it difficult to breathe when the air quality is poor. Air is said to be of poor quality mostly in those areas where the exposure to traffic, dust and allergens is quite high. Therefore, there should be proper arrangements made for the elderly people who are exposed to poor AQI even while they are at homes. 

Listed here are some tips that can mitigate the impacts of poor air quality index of India.


  • Encourage The Use of Face Masks: The elderly people must be encouraged to use the face masks when they are staying in places exposed to dust and allergens. The practice must be followed while socializing or attending guests at home, especially when ill. Masks help have filtered air always.


  • Have The Elderly People’s Living Space Away from The Dusty Roads or Surroundings: The orientation of the room should be such that it should provide proper shield from the dust and allergens. With the help of effective indoor air quality monitor, the inmates can ascertain safe conditions for the elderly people. 


  • Install Indoor Air Quality Monitors and Filters: To keep a check on the respiratory ailments, the indoor air quality must be the top-notch quality. One can ensure this by taking preventive measures like installing indoor air quality monitor.


  • Dehumidify The Rooms from Time to Time: The dampness in the rooms also gives rise to allergens like molds. With the help of air quality monitor for indoors, the users can understand the air cleaning needs and install the filters appropriately.

Besides, one can keep a close eye on the air quality index of India. This reading changes from time to time. Thus, the users can make correct decisions throughout the day or set a schedule for filtering the air with the help of reading the AQI. 

To sum up,

By following the tips mentioned above, the elderly people can be protected from respiratory diseases. Besides, they must live in airy and spacious rooms where the air circulation is proper and sunlight is ample. Also, air quality monitor should be changed from time to time for better results.

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