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What You Should Consider When Buying a Car Air Cleaner Filter

by Nirvana Being on October 21, 2021

Do you live in a metro city? Although you live in the suburbs, do your work and basic needs take you to the urban area a lot? Do you have pets travelling in your vehicle? If you just said yes to all that, then you need a high-functioning car air cleaner filter to keep the cabin air free from pollutants and other particulates. 

Not all Indian cars are manufactured with inbuilt air filters, hence you need to take the initiative and get one installed in your vehicle, to make sure that you travel without breathing the polluted air. In recent studies, it has been found that indoor air quality can be worse than ambient pollution, causing a host of health issues in children and adults alike. So, what do you need in a car cabin air purifier? What are the essential features? 

Buying a Quality Car Air Cleaner Filter: What You Need?

Your car attracts polluted air from the following:

  • Pollutants from outside
  • Particulates (mould, fine dust, pollen, bacteria, etc.)
  • Carbon monoxide emissions from other cars
  • Nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Pet dander

Other than that, not having a good air purifier can cause your car to smell bad. Hence, considering the concerning high levels of air pollutants, you must buy a high-quality air filter or purifier. Refer to the details from the following pointers:

  • Since the advent of COVID-19 along with the pollutants, filtration or purification of viruses has become a priority for car owners. Keeping that in mind, we recommend an AMT based car cabin filter. 
  • AMT or Active Molecular Technology is known to take down the AQI (air quality index) in just a couple of minutes.  
  • It is virus resistant and gives your car N99 level protection from all kinds of airborne viruses. 
  • AMT purified air quality upholds WHO standards.
  • It keeps the air free from contaminants, PM2.5, PM 10, harmful gases, germs and bacteria.   

A lot of cars use HEPA filters which are effective against PM2.5 and the SPM inside the car cabin, but not that much on airborne communicable viruses. So if you want absolute protection for your family while travelling, you should get an AMT based car cabin air purifier.

Getting it from a reliable vendor will ensure the high quality of the filter. Since AMT based air filters are DIY in terms of installations, it saves you the installation charges as well. You can save up to 1/10th of the cost that goes into normal air filters and purifiers that require professional expertise for installation.   


Like any other car part, your car air cleaner filter needs care and regular maintenance as well. That way, you can rest assured that the air quality inside the cabin would remain at optimum levels all the time. Using an air purifier keeps the fine dust particles, pollutants, and bad odours at bay, making your travels safe and comfier.

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