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Nirvana Range Combo Pack...

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Airific 2.0 Navy

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Airific 2.0 Strike

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Airific 2.0 Dobby

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Airific 2.0 Buds

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Airific 2.0 Band

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Nirvana Mask

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Airific 2.0 Drive

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Airific 2.0 Ixora

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Airific 2.0 Neon

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Airific Marvel Captain America...

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Airific Marvel Mini Spiderman

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Airific Disney Simba

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Airific 2.0 Sharks

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Airific 2.0 Rabbit

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Airific Disney Pink Princess

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Airific Marvel Ironman Grid

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Airific 2.0 Stand Tall

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Airific 2.0 Iggy

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Airific Disney Mickey Mouse

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Stay Safe And Comfortable All Day Long With Nirvana Being’s Adjustable Masks


Live the moment with ultimate safety and comfort with Nirvana Being’s adjustable face masks. Thanks to our internationally certified nanofiber technology.


Wearing face masks have become a part of our daily lives as a responsible citizen. Not only do we protect ourselves, but it also helps protect people around us. However, many of you might complain about the discomfort and difficulty breathing due to face masks. Thankfully, Nirvana Being cares about every nook and corner and thus offers a wide range of adjustable face masks. These adjustable masks are made for high-level protection from pollutants, bacteria, and viruses while ensuring 100% comfort. Let’s find out more about how we achieved these best-in-class adjustable face masks, perfect for everyone!


Adjustable masks for superior comfort

We know the hassles of ill-fitting masks, which can hamper your mood and day’s performance. That’s why Nirvana introduces its premium range of adjustable face masks in all sizes. The straps of these masks have adjustable ear loops and adjustable nosebands to ensure a snug and comfortable fit for children and adults. In addition, our adjustable masks are also designed to have the lowest inhalation and exhalation resistance, providing you with utmost comfort and easy breathing.


Internationally certified

Our 3-layer nanotechnology adjustable masks have gone through rigorous lab tests at Nelson Labs in the US to attain international standards. Our high-quality adjustable face mask range is FFP2 certified in India and certified as a Community Mask in the European Union as per CWA 17553:2020.  


What makes Nirvana the best?

Nirvana Being takes its concept from Buddhism’s concept of spiritual enlightening. Based on their teachings, we aim toward people's optimal health while ensuring a cleaner environment. That's why, along with the unmatched quality of our adjustable masks, they are sustainable too! All our adjustable face masks are internationally tested and certified for quality and eco-friendliness. 



1. Will Nirvana’s adjustable face masks protect me from dust and pollutants too?

Nirvana uses a nanofiber filter that offers more than 95% filtration efficiency, protecting you from dust and air pollutants (PM2.5) down to 0.1 microns.

2. Are these adjustable masks suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, all our adjustable face masks have a pure cotton cover on both sides that feels soft and comfortable without causing rashes or allergies.

3. How many layers do these adjustable masks have?

We use three-layer technology where the highly efficient nanotech fibre filter layer is covered with cotton layers on both sides.


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