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Beat Pollution and quantify the health benefits of pollution N95 masks with Nirvana Being

It’s time we follow the science of masks and switch to one that not only protects you from COVID-19 but also from air pollution.


It is imperative to understand that we are living through a “Twin-demic” including both Covid-19 and Air Pollution – both create respiratory distress in the human body. COVID made face masks a mandate, but they have been in use since years for pollution, dust and other harmful airborne particles.


If you know that prevention is better than cure and you want cleaner air for your lungs, then there’s no way you why you would refrain from pollution masks. Are you looking for a reliable and stylish pollution mask for Delhi’s smog and pollution? Then Nirvana brings you the best pollution masks equipped with nanotech fibres inside. They can block even the tiniest airborne particles and safeguard your respiratory system.


Eliminate the detrimental effects of air pollution with Nirvana’s N95 masks

Do you know that air pollution is arguably the deadliest and the most common type of mass-scale contamination? Particulate matter, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), particulate matter and other airborne contaminants can have a negative effect on your health and with an air pollution mask from Nirvana, you can minimize the impact of these harmful pollutants while reducing your incidence of lung cancer.


N95 Safety Meets Style

Yes, we know how much you value your unique style. Masks are a significant part of your overall outfit, and if you want to get air pollution masks that mimic your quirkiness and persona, Nirvana brings you an amazing range of themes and styles to muster. They have trendy N95 pollution masks that can keep the bad pollutants at bay while making you look like a real trendsetter.


Then there are these official Marvel and Disney themed best air pollution masks that match all your outfits. You can even pick air pollution masks in different colours to match your outfit and step out in a different look, everyday! While you look like a superhero, or we would say a real stunner, you can stay safe from the harmful pollutants that are out there.


What do you mean by a N95 FFP2 mask?

At Nirvana we have a bewildering range of impeccable masks for protection against COVID as well. Our N95 FFP2 masks offer a snug fit around your nose and mouth even while you smile and talk and prevent fogging up of glasses. In the N95 FFP2 mask the N is a Respirator Rating Letter Class. It stands for “Non-Oil” when no oil-based particles are present.


The 95 stands for efficiency, and the FFP2 stands for “filtering face piece”. The FFP2 masks can filter more than 94% of all aerosols, including airborne viruses such as COVID-19. The masks are designed to reduce particulate matter down to 0.1 microns and blocks 95% of PM2.5 particles. With a tight face seal and replaceable filters, Nirvana's N95 face masks can be your saviour during the tough times of pandemic and beyond.


Why select Nirvana Being?

Nirvana Being offers you designer anti-pollution masks and COVID masks that are the perfect amalgamation of style and protection. The masks are breathable as well, so you can rest assured that comfort is of foremost priority. The electrospun nanofiber filter with a width of less than 1mm in the air pollution masks can help to reduce the chance of spreading any airborne illness and they have a >96% viral efficacy while being washable and reusable. You can rest assured that you are safe from the pollutants out there with the best anti-pollution mask while taking a sustainable step for the environment.


Mitigate exposure to severe air pollution and COVID contamination with Nirvana Being

On the lookout for an anti-pollution mask online? Opt for Nirvana’s air pollution masks now. With the experience of more than half a decade and constant R&D, we have developed face masks that are focused solely on offering clean air. Equipped with nanotechnology, our face masks provide the highest level of protection from respiratory droplets, harmful pollutants and more. All the masks are internationally certified as well, so you can rest assured that the quality of products remains at par as per the standards for pollution masks in India.





 How long do your pollution mask last?

Well, Nirvana Being believes in the art of sustainability and so all our pollution masks in India are reusable with a life of upto 6 months.  You can clean them to use again but if you are residing in an area where the level of pollution is too high, we suggest you change the mask more frequently. 



What does an anti-pollution mask exactly do?

The anti-pollution masks are designed to protect the wearer from pollutants in the ambient air and also from COVID-19



Do you have designer N95 masks that I can wear casually?

We have tons of designer masks in different themes and colors that you can wear in both casual and formal settings. You can easily pick from that.



Can I order in bulk?

Of course you can! We will be happy to safeguard you from the pollutants and be a part of your trendy closet!

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