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Frozen Mask (12)

Airific Disney Simba

Rs. 595.00

Airific Disney Pink Princess

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Airific Disney Mickey Mouse

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Airific Disney Ariel

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Airific Disney Minnie Unicorn

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Airific Disney Frozen

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Airific Barbie Soulshine

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Airific Barbie Mermaid

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Airific Disney Genie

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Airific Disney Moana

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Airific Disney Mulan

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Airific Disney Brave

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Nirvana Being’s Exclusive Collection of Frozen Face Masks for Children of All Age Groups

Nirvana Being brings the best quality and most comfortable face masks that are inspired by Buddhism principles and philosophies.

Covid-19 has made masks an essential part of our daily lives. However, convincing your children to put on the masks can be very difficult. But their safety cannot be compromised in any manner. We, at Nirvana Being, understand the concern of every parent and have designed the frozen face mask. We believe Frozen is a favorite animated film of most children. Our frozen mask has been deliberately designed to grab the attention of the children and make them desire to have one. Our core aim is to provide clean air solutions and prevent children from any respiratory issues.

Made up of Natural Fabrics

Our frozen face mask is made from natural fabrics. The masks are light in weight and highly breathable. So, you do not have to worry about any discomfort for your child. Even if your kid has any allergies, this mask is an ideal option.

Highest Level of Protection

Nirvana Being is focused on leveraging nanotechnology while manufacturing its masks. We promise the highest level of protection against emissions, harmful pollutants, bacteria, etc. Our mask can effectively filter over 99 percent of nanoparticles present in the environment. The filtration efficacy of the masks is >95 percent.


Our frozen mask is highly durable and has a longer life. Our environmentally sustainable face masks are designed with the best-in-class technologies for optimum durability.

Perfectly Fitting Masks

We, at Nirvana Being, understand the fact that not all faces are equal in terms of size and shape. Keeping that in mind, we offer the frozen face mask in 4 different sizes. Just select the right size and get your tailored frozen mask.

Face Mask for Every Occasion

Today, the trend is to match face masks with the occasion. To make your task easy, we have come up with masks that are suitable for all occasions. Whether your child is going to school or a birthday party, our frozen mask can be an ideal choice. We ensure that children do not feel out of place.

Visit our store today and get the perfect frozen mask for your kid!


Is the frozen mask comfortable?

Comfort is a top priority for Nirvana Being. Our frozen masks are tested for high comfort and breathability.

Can the face mask be reused?

Our face masks are easily washable and can be reused after disinfecting them.


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