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#BackToSchool: N95 Safety Meets Cuteness with Official Merchandise Nirvana masks.

Nirvana Being offers N95 masks for kids with Disney, Marvel, Barbie and Star Wars characters that they wouldn’t want to take off!

The COVID-19 pandemic had brought our world to a standstill. However, as we reopen and lift our lockdowns, we mustn’t forget that the threat isn’t gone. The new Omicron variant of COVID-19 is still on a rise. At such a time, ensuring safety is essential. However, children are free spirits and meeting their friends and going to school after such a long time is bound to be thrilling. Keeping these in mind, Nirvana Being offers the most stylish and secure N95 masks for kids! Let the young ones run free while you’re assured of their safety.

Trendy and Cute N95 Masks for Kids
Going back to school for your child this summer is bound to be an exciting experience. Meeting their friends after two years will be thrilling and it will unlock a new world of fun for them. We can’t blame the young ones for playing around during recess. That’s why we recommend you get the best N95 masks for kids for school. At Nirvana Being, we pay close attention to details. Our masks are a perfect fit for all face shapes and sizes. When you’re buying a mask for your child, you can refer to our size chart and select appropriate size.


Additionally, our masks are charming to young ones as we have tied up with the best superhero franchises. Getting your child a mask that has iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Iron Man, Spiderman face mask, Barbie, etc., is sure to excite them and motivate them to wear the mask! After all, what’s better than to show your new and cool mask off to your friends at school! These COVID masks for kids are a delight since they are certified by Nelson Labs for their high breathability index and >96% viral filtration efficiency. You can be assured that your ward will feel comfortable wearing them all the time!

Trusted by Parents
The reason our masks are trusted by parents is because of the enhanced technology we use. Our three-layer nanotechnology filter provides just the right amount of protection that your child needs. Nirvana being’s N95 masks for kids, offers a filtration efficacy of >96% and can filter up to 0.1 microns. Thus, whether it is the COVID-19 omicron strain or the PM 2.5 emissions, your child is safe with the best covid masks for kids.

Our masks for kids for school are designed to be used multiple times. Made from natural and washable materials, these masks are perfect for sporty situations. Your child can freely run about, play sports, and get dust on the mask. All you need to do is hand wash them with mild detergent after your kid returns back home. Your kid can then wear this mask again the next day to school. Our covid masks for school going kids, are durable and can be used for up to 6 months at a stretch. Thus, it makes our N95 masks for kids affordable for you as well!

Why Choose Us?
Nirvana Being is a leading N95 mask brand in India. Our masks are certified by ITS labs and Nelson Labs tests for safety and breathability. Additionally, we believe in the power of sustainability. The experts of our brand research extensively on safety measures, and we put our masks through stringent quality controls every day. This system helps us ensure we are only delivering the best products to you. You can get a cartoon face mask for kids at our store today.


 Are these masks safe for children?
Yes, they are. Our N95 masks are designed for rough environments like fields and basketball courts. The durable quality will prevent the mask from tearing and the stern fit ensures it doesn't fall off either.
 How long will a mask last?
One mask from our store will last up to 6 months. You can reuse and rewash our N95 face masks at home.
 What is the price of your masks?
Nirvana N95 combo packs are priced at INR 495. Therefore, Nirvana Being's masks are priced affordably for long-term use.



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