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Mickey Mouse Mask (12)

Airific Disney Simba

Rs. 595.00

Airific Disney Pink Princess

Rs. 595.00

Airific Disney Mickey Mouse

Rs. 595.00

Airific Disney Ariel

Rs. 595.00

Airific Disney Minnie Unicorn

Rs. 595.00

Airific Disney Frozen

Rs. 595.00

Airific Barbie Soulshine

Rs. 595.00

Airific Barbie Mermaid

Rs. 595.00

Airific Disney Genie

Rs. 595.00

Airific Disney Moana

Rs. 595.00

Airific Disney Mulan

Rs. 595.00

Airific Disney Brave

Rs. 595.00
Mickey Mouse Masks That Are Appealing to the Kids

Increase the safety of your children with Nirvana’s fun collection of Mickey Mouse masks that are efficient and attractive.

Amid the fears of the Covid-19 pandemic, more people realize the importance of wearing masks. More than anyone else, the safety of children is being prioritized by parents. Thus, the masks have become important for the kids. However, most children do not like wearing masks owing to their monotonous look and feel. To make masks appealing and attractive for the kids, Nirvana Being has come up with an interesting idea of a Mickey mouse mask. We aim to enable children to dress up with their favorite character masks and offer them an enjoyable experience. Our Mickey Mouse face mask is designed with comfort and safety in mind.

What Makes Our Face Masks Ideal for Kids?

  • Attractive Design

Children usually get attracted to different characters in Disney. Nirvana Being’s Mickey Mouse mask comes with a unique design that features a Mickey mouse to ensure that kids love to wear the masks.

  • Comfortable and Breathable

Our Mickey Mouse face mask has been tested by the experts. The masks have very low breathing resistance and ensure optimum comfort. We guarantee that kids can freely breathe and comfortably keep wearing the masks for hours.

  • 3 Layer Premium Protection

The inner layer is made of natural fibers. The outer layer is made up of linen, flax, cotton, and hemp. The middle layer is made up of nanotechnology that blocks the smallest of particles, thereby ensuring the better safety of the kids.

  • Washable

We understand that kids' masks can become dirty too soon. So, our Mickey Mouse mask is washable and can be reused effectively.

  • Multiple Size Masks

Our Mickey Mouse face mask is available in 4 different sizes. The easily adjustable masks ensure a perfect fit for every child.

Get a Mickey Mouse Mask Today!

If you are worried about the safety of your kid, order a Mickey Mouse mask today! Nirvana Being’s long-lasting and comfortable masks are a true guard for your child against pollution and infection.



What is the cost of the Mickey Mouse Mask?

We offer the Mickey Mouse masks for kids at the best price. The cost will depend on the type of face mask you choose.

Is it essential to disinfect the face mask after every use? Minimal exposure to germs and pollution can be harmful to sensitive kids. It is ideal to disinfect the face masks after every use for the greater safety of your child.

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